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The Brand

The Brand

The Global Achievers Club is a business networking group that brings entrepreneurs, business
men and women, CEO’S, Business executive, corporate executive and decision makers from
different works of life to nurture, share experiences, grow businesses locally and internationally, by
taking advantage of tools and resources we provide.

This group is dedicated to building young and old business owners from all walks of life. We help
goal getters and achievers fulfil their dreams. We provide a very conducive atmosphere for all our
members to benefit from all our programs designed to share experiences, train, and enjoy various
business opportunities.

We pride ourselves having members from Australia, United states, united kingdom, canada Spain,
ghana and nigeria. All our members connect and benefit from our webinars, mastermind groups,
seminars, annual events. etc This group is for high achievers and goal getter.
The headquarters is in victoria Australia. However, we have various chapters across the world who
are proud to be part of this great movement.

We are desirous about sharing and given a helping hand by

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